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Fashion Photographer in Delhi | Jaipur | India - Hitesh Malpani
Jewellery Photographer in Delhi | Jaipur | India - Hitesh Malpani
Wedding Photographers in Jaipur | Delhi | India - HM Productions

What services do you provide?

We offer photography and filmmaking services for fashion, jewellery, wedding and pre-wedding shoots.

We also provide photography and filmmaking services for commercials, events, product and baby shoots.

What is your primary location? Do you travel?

We are photographers and filmmakers based in Jaipur and Delhi.

Yes, we travel all across the world.

What services do you offer for advertising shoots?

We provide photography and filmmaking services, and we are in collaboration with talent management agencies, fashion stylists, makeup artists and production houses. We share the profiles and connects the clients as per the needs.

What is your approach towards wedding photography & filmmaking?

HM Productions is a team of highly skilled candid wedding photographers and cinematic videographers in India. We offer photojournalistic and editorial style of wedding photography, experts in the field with a creative eye for detail. With thoughtful planning & preparation, we strive to create timeless memories that you will cherish for years to come.

What are the deliverables and when can we expect the deliveries?

We provide wedding teaser within 10-15 days, edited images and cinematic highlight in 25-30 days, and wedding films are provided within 45-60 days of the event coverage.  We share an elaborated and well documented contract that specifies all the details. 

How big is the wedding photography team going to be?

The size of the team varies as per the requirements and the intended deliverables. Each wedding is unique; hence we offer tailored wedding photography package to meet the specific needs of each couple. 

Can we hire another wedding photography team with you?

We prefer working alone as our team is having proper understanding and co-ordination which helps us to capture frames without obstacles. We ensure that our photography and filmmaking process is not compromised. Having another team on board would lead to distractions which will break the frames.

How much in advance do we need to hire you?

As early as possible, we finalize limited weddings each year and it's a first come first serve world.

Bookings are confirmed only when the booking amount is paid, and we put all the efforts to offer you one-of-a-kind images and films of your wedding.

Do we have an agreement at the time of booking?

Yes, we do have an agreement of terms and conditions when a commercial project or wedding is booked. Signed copies of this agreement are kept with us as well as the client, when the booking is made.

Fashion Photographer

Hitesh Malpani is a fashion photographer & filmmaker in India and has worked with numerous brands. Known for his compositions and creative drive as he believes that the narrative of an image can define its success. 


Fashion Photographer in Delhi,

Fashion Photographer in Jaipur, Advertising Photographer and Filmmaker in India, Commercial Photographer, Fashion Filmmaker, Editorial Photographer

Jewellery Photographer

Hitesh Malpani is a jewellery photographer & filmmaker in India. Known for successfully combining his expertise and creativity to offer viewers the most authentic visuals of the actual jewellery piece.


Jewellery Photographer in Delhi, Commercial Photographer, Product Photographer, Jewellery Photographer in Jaipur, Advertising Photographer and Filmmaker in India, Concept Jewellery Photoshoot

Wedding Photographer

HM Productions by Hitesh Malpani is a team of professional wedding photographers and cinematographers in India. Known for freezing those throwback candid wedding moments and capturing memories for a lifetime.


Wedding Photographer in Jaipur, Wedding Photographer in Delhi, Pre-wedding photographer, Destination Wedding Photographer, Wedding Filmmaker, Candid Wedding Photographer in India


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