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Hiteh Malpani - Photographer & Filmmaker in India


Hitesh Malpani is a professional photographer, art director and filmmaker based in Delhi, India. He is an intuitive photographer who believes in telling a story with each frame, capturing the essence of the moment.

His specializations include fashion photography, wedding photography, jewellery photography, candid photography, advertising photography, and editorial photography, along with filmmaking in all the mentioned fields.

He is known to bring his distinctive contemporary style to every shoot he is involved in, whatever be the size and scope. His photography skills have been progressively recognized for being clean, sharp and vibrant; with a level of post processing that looks polished yet natural and raw.

The secret to his extraordinary results is his dedication and a hearty approach which speaks for itself and reflects in his work. He has successfully completed shoots for various popular brands and weddings and has left a trail of pleased and elated clients who are happy to recommend him further, simply because he collaborates for lasting relationships rather than momentary contracts. He covers wedding photography, candid wedding photography and pre wedding shoots under his brand HM Productions.

Hitesh Malpani is a professional photographer and filmmaker in Delhi, India who is always on the lookout for exciting new projects that challenge him creatively. Get in touch with him to discuss your next photo shoot.

The Lens Man

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Ranisa - Gangaur Ghat , Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


Fashion Photographer and filmmaker in Delhi, India. With a great potential of portraying and setting varied moods, Hitesh Malpani has been associated with popular brands, production houses, studios and models. He offers fashion photography, garment photography, designer shoots, campaign photography, catalogue photography, fashion filmmaking and advertising photography services globally. He works with unmatched passion, immense experience and a creative knack.

Fashion Photography by Hitesh Malpani
Wedding Photographer in Jaipur | Delhi | India - HM Productions


Wedding Photographers in Jaipur | Delhi | India - HM Productions is a team of highly skilled candid wedding photographers and cinematic filmmakers in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India led by Hitesh Malpani, travels globally to capture your D-Day in the finest and most insightful way. They specialize in destination wedding photography, cinematic wedding films, contemporary bridal shoots, pre-wedding shoots and wedding cinematography. They freeze wonderful moments and create unforgettable memories.


Jewellery photographer in Delhi, India. Hitesh Malpani captures every single detail with expertise and makes the jewellery product the hero. He specialises in editorial jewellery shoot, model jewellery shoot, concept jewellery photography, jewellery photography with props, white background jewellery photoshoot, campaign jewellery photoshoot, jewellery product photography and cinematic jewellery films. He offers global services with his experienced team.

Jewellery Photographer in Jaipur | Delhi | India - Hitesh Malpani
Editorial Fashion Photography - Hitesh Malpani


Editorial and Conceptual photographer; and filmmaker in Delhi, India. Editorials are all about telling stories with an intent to illustrate a concept through a bunch of polished images or films. Hitesh Malpani, being an artist with unique aesthetics & creative mindset, captures the whole mood and brings those moments to life. His team offers professional photography services, conceptual photoshoots, editorial photography, mood photography, outdoor photoshoots and more for global audience.


Lisa Milner

Hitesh made my visit to India (from Australia) extremely rewarding. He supported me in navigating not only the photography process, like the studio and the model. But he also shared brilliant ideas, connections, he was collaborative, professional and cared about the results for my business. He’s very talented. I look forward to our next jewellery shoot!


Vinita Rana


I really liked the professionalism from Hitesh while we collaborated for a jewelry photography project. He guided us well and results were as promised. I will recommend him and his team.


Aastha Kotecha

Photography is not about cameras, gadgets or places.Photography is about photographers. And Hitesh Malpani and the team members are best in it.I haven’t actually said enough thankyou but here it is i have loved each and every picture of my pre wedding and wedding shoot . Thankyou so much to each one of you for your true efforts and being so friendly throughout 💛


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