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The impact of photography on fashion industry

The world of photography and fashion are highly intertwined with each other. Since its inception in the 1930s, fashion photography has been an integral part of the fashion industry.

Fashion Photographer in Jaipur | Delhi | India - Hitesh Malpani

The fashion industry encircles the designing, production, marketing and distribution of clothes, footwear, accessories and beauty products. The industry is huge globally and is constantly evolving. Fashion photography encompasses the lighting, clothing, poses, angles and suitable locations.

Fashion trends are not confined to runways and fashion shows anymore, thanks to fashion photography. It introduces new trends and collections to the entire world with the click of a button. What started with black and white images has transformed to include dynamic, innovative and exceptional photography ideas. The scope of fashion photography has widened in the last few decades. Fashion photography is a lot more than just about fashion shows and brands.

The world of fashion photography has evolved over time. Today, it does not require the product to be captured in complete isolation. Photographers have realized their innate power to create a story around the product. Playing with lights, angles and poses allows a fashion photographer to add an artistic appeal to any image. Not just the fashion houses, brands and designers but the entire industry has witnessed a wave of change owing to the art of storytelling. This has led to the era of astounding images.

The fashion industry has gained a lot from the evolving aesthetics of fashion photography and photographers. The exemplary studio settings, control of light, creation of authentic settings and the envisioning of moments are some of the many nuances of the world of fashion photography.

Emerging labels, new startups, designers, cosmetic brands and fashion influencers have benefitted greatly from the world of photography. Photography allows the brands to correctly showcase their products and create a brand image. It has the potential to increase sales and can create a sense of customer loyalty. It allows everyone to appeal to and connect with their audience. Brands rely on appealing photographs to mould their image. Professional photographers, with their artistic vision, can give a fresh perspective to the brand’s image.

Fashion is more accessible than ever because of the evolution of photography. Fashion photography has revolutionized the fashion industry in more ways than we can imagine.

Just like the world of fashion, the role of fashion photography is ever evolving. Despite the changes in the external environment or advancement of technology, fashion photography will always be the heart of the fashion industry.

Hitesh Malpani from Jaipur is a fashion photographer and filmmaker in Delhi, India. His knowledge of angles, perspective, lighting, and lens selection has helped Hitesh carve a name for himself. He is one of the best fashion photographers in Jaipur and Delhi, India. He is adept at capturing the essence of a product, brand and brand identity. His images have an underlying narrative that the viewers connect to. He believes that photography is not just about clicking an image, but it is a creative expression.



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