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Creative photography brief: A photographer’s guiding light

When the client’s directions are taken into serious consideration, it allows the project to be completed successfully. This requires the client and the photographer to be on the same page. This is where the power of a key element is highlighted: a creative photography brief.

Jewellery Photographer in Jaipur | Delhi | India - Hitesh Malpani

Detail is key in any professional shoot, irrespective of the type or field of photography. Photography is a creative field and has a vast scope of interpretation. The photographer must be aware of the client's expectations. The photographer must know in-depth the how, why and what of the project. A clear understanding of the project, vision and other elements provides him with the right direction.

A brief by the client would entail all the essential elements that can steer the entire photoshoot in the right direction. A creative brief assists the photographer in creating stellar images. It guides him through the entire creative process from ideation to completion of the project.

The creative photography brief must cover the elements that are key to the shoot including timeline, creative goal, location, gear, list of shots, lighting, mood, models, budget, target audience, reference images and the story to be highlighted.

When the client’s vision aligns with the photographer’s creative eye, great pictures emerge. A creative photography brief provides the common ground for sharing and managing expectations, ideas and results. It provides the photographer with room for strategic planning to bring the vision to reality.

Hitesh Malpani founder of HM Productions is a photographer and filmmaker in Delhi, India. Known for his creative vision, storytelling skills and eye for detail. His interpretation of light, angles and the subject add depth to his images. His work in fashion photography, jewellery photography, wedding photography and portrait photography in India has received appreciation and accolades.

“There is one thing the photo must contain – the humanity of the moment.” – Robert Frank



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