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Why a candid photographer is a must for weddings

The day of your wedding is the result of years of fantasies, months of planning, weeks of shopping, hours of dancing, minutes of decking up and innumerable seconds of butterflies.

Candid wedding photographers in Jaipur - HM Productions

Every couple wants to enjoy every moment of this special event and cherish them forever. They witness a few and rely on wedding photographer for the rest.

For the modern couple, meticulous planning, trials and testing and coordination is important; so that they can have a grand celebration of their blessed union with their loved ones and bask in the sheer joy of it all. Let us help you make a checklist. The dress, the location, the menu, the guest list, the make-up artist, the candid photographer…. Yes, you heard it right! The candid photographer!!

Why, you ask? A candid photographer will capture those non-posey moments of your functions; your funny, cute, amusing expressions; and that one-in-a-million smile of your near and dear ones while you are happily taking selfies and being in the now (Oh yes! They capture your selfie moments too!)

Candid photographers have a knack to move around and within the crowds and find those little instances of pure joy and celebratory moods to frame them forever. Many of them are also happy to be your destination wedding photographer.

One of the many names in this field is HM Productions, a team of candid wedding photographers in Jaipur | Delhi | India. The lens child of founder Hitesh Malpani, a professional wedding photographer and filmmaker in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, HM productions strives to frame your D-Day memories with passion, panache and playfulness.

Hitesh and his team are true professionals who take the extra step to bring that smile of fond memories on your face time and again. Get in touch with him here and sit back and relax as HM Productions is there to take over the role of cataloguing your dream wedding.



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