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Questions to ask your wedding photographer and filmmaker

Each wedding photographer and filmmaker is different and so is their style. You must always assess whether the photographer and filmmaker would be a good fit for your wedding. You must do a background check and ask a series of relevant questions to gain better insight.

Wedding Photographers in Jaipur | Delhi | India - HM Productions

After all the fun and frolic of a wedding, wedding photographs and films are one of the only mementos a couple has to look back on their big day. To capture the special moments memorably, every couple must mindfully select their wedding photographer and filmmaker. It is an important decision in your wedding planning.

To check all the boxes and be sure of receiving dreamy wedding photographs and films, you must ask these questions to your wedding photographer and filmmaker-

Wedding Photographers in Jaipur | Delhi | India - HM Productions

Is my wedding date available?

The first point of conversation with a wedding photographer should be whether they can take a booking for your wedding date. The point of other questions will arise only if they have that date available. If your wedding date is available, you should then enquire how much in advance you need to confirm the booking.

Wedding Photographers in Jaipur | Delhi | India - HM Productions

Will you take any other bookings on our wedding date?

While some photographers take on one wedding at a time, some photography studios cover multiple weddings with multiple teams. A single wedding at a time helps the photographers stay focused. If a photography studio covers multiple weddings, you must enquire about the team members that will cover your wedding.

What is your primary wedding style?

Every photographer’s style and aesthetic sense are distinct. Even when they are skilled in their craft, their photography style may not match what you have in mind. Knowing the photographer’s sense of style always gets a brownie point in this checklist.

Will the main wedding photographer be on-site? Will they have any assisting team members?

Getting to know your wedding photographer in advance is always a plus. While booking, you must enquire whether the photographer themselves will cover the event and if they will have assisting team members. This shall allow you to gel with them and discuss your expectations.

Can I request any specific shots I want?

If you have any specific shots in mind, it is always best to ask beforehand if the photographer would accommodate those shots in the wedding shoot. A clear view of the desired shots would ease their workflow.

Do you shoot candid or choreograph portraits?

While portraits give you a chance to capture royal pictures, candid photographs capture emotional or fun moments. A combination of both works best. It is best to enquire about the photographer’s style and choice of pictures. This gives clarity and helps in bringing both parties on the same page.

What are the deliverables and the timeline?

You must enquire what services the package would include. It is essential to select the package that meets your requirements. Wedding photographers are adept at numerous services ranging from pre-wedding shoots to wedding albums.

Not only these, but it is also essential that you and your partner connect with the photographer. When you feel at ease with the photographer, it results in authentic and natural images.

Wedding Photographers in Jaipur | Delhi | India - HM Productions

HM Productions is a team of skilled wedding photographers and filmmakers in India. With primary base in Jaipur, Rajasthan, they cover weddings globally. With focus and great attention to detail, Founder and the team commit to one wedding on a particular day. They offer a mix of photojournalistic and editorial style of wedding photography, freezing unforgettable moments. Documentary and cinematic style of wedding films, capturing one-of-a-kind videos of your wedding that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Hitesh Malpani, founder of HM Productions leads his core team and shoots every wedding. They offer customized packages, and discuss the workflow with clients for better coverage and understanding. Being skilled with candid as well as posed images and films they offer high end wedding photography services. They deliver a few couple images on the wedding day itself and trailers, edited images; and wedding films in 45 days.

If you are struggling to find your wedding photographer and want to ask us a question, we would be delighted to help. Get In Touch!



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