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6 reasons why you need a second wedding photographer and filmmaker

Every wedding is a bag of mixed emotions- fun, drama, tears, laughter, love and joy! Every moment is special as it is a direct display of feelings. Planning a wedding involves a lot of decisions and wedding photography is one of the biggest!

Wedding Photographers in Jaipur | Delhi | India - HM Productions

Weddings are special, not just for the couple but the families and friends as well. It will define how the moments will be captured and how the memories will be preserved.

It is always a real confusion whether you should hire one photographer and filmmaker for the wedding or two. The concern and confusion are valid. There are several reasons why you should select two talented wedding photographers and filmmakers:

1. Covering the bride and the groom simultaneously

Commonly, the bride and the groom celebrate pre-wedding functions simultaneously at two different locations. There are various ceremonies to be covered from both ends. One photographer can’t cover both sides. Getting real and up-close pictures from both parties requires two talented photographers at two venues. The shots from both functions would enhance the wedding video and albums.

2. Two perspectives- versatile images

Wedding photography and videography are like storytelling. It requires both- a broader and a minute perspective. When two photographers work together, they can strategically place themselves in different positions to capture a wide variety of images and videos. They can complement each other’s work to create stunning and versatile visuals.

3. Great coverage of the wedding functions

This setup would also allow the use of multiple lenses like wide angle 16mm lens, most versatile 35mm lens, portrait lens 50mm & 85mm. Two wedding photographers and filmmakers can achieve great coverage for the functions, getting ready as well as the wedding.

4. Blend of traditional, creative and candid shots

A single wedding photographer and filmmaker can focus on only one style of photography and filmmaking. The minute expressions of joy, tears, laughter and smiles can go unnoticed. This requires two photographers to divide their area of work and capture the traditional shots as well as the candid, spontaneous ones. The perfect balance between the two can bring about amazing details and mesmerizing shots.

5. Beautiful bride and groom details

Two professional photographers working in sync ensure that all the details of the bride and the groom are aesthetically captured. This includes their functions, getting-ready images, bridal shower and, moments with both sets of friends and families. Various moments happen at the same time and need two different angles. This challenge is resolved when two photographers work together to offer a dream shoot. When the bride enters, one can cover the entry and the other can focus on the groom’s reaction.

6. Variety of images for the album

When two photographers work together, they click different sets of images and videos. Different angles, perspectives and styles add depth to the final album and video. This arrangement also eliminates any chances of errors or neglect.

Hitesh Malpani from HM Productions is a talented wedding photographer and filmmaker in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He believes in providing the best pictures to the couple and creates dreamy wedding pictures. His work as a Destination Wedding Photographer & Filmmaker in India has been appreciated for his take on angles, perspectives and lighting.



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