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Photography and filmmaking: an expression of life!

Subject, composition and apt light are the three essential elements in photography and filmmaking. Professional photographers and filmmakers use them to create compelling visuals. With the narrative they build, images and films are truly worth a thousand words.

Photographer and filmmaker in Jaipur | Delhi | India - Hitesh Malpani

Photography and filmmaking are essentially the art of capturing light with a camera to create an image and film. The techniques have evolved over decades and so has the scope. Today, photography and filmmaking are not just about the quality of the camera or the lens but also about angles, creativity, vision and the story portrayed.

Photography and filmmaking have vast scopes. A photograph is a lot more than memories and a record of an event. Photographs instill emotions and have an innate power to move us. Photography is an artistic expression of life. The reason for creating this art may be varied, but the result is creative expression. There are different genres that cater to different interests. Wedding, editorial, portrait, fashion, jewelry, landscape, travel and event photography are some of the most popular genres.

A professional photographer and filmmaker have a creative vision for shoots and combines it with his knowledge to produce captivating images and films. Professionals, website owners, brands and businesses have understood the potential of professional images and films. This has led to the rise and popularity of editorial and professional photography. A professional photographer and filmmaker can create visuals that the audience can connect to.

Hitesh Malpani is an acclaimed photographer and filmmaker in Delhi, India, known for his creative vision. He has vast experience in various fields of photography including advertisement, fashion, wedding, jewellery and editorial. His work is applauded for his innate sense of narration. He believes in the subtle art of capturing emotions.



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