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Crafting stories with editorial photography

“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything with the way you see them.” This is the essence of editorial photography. It is a field of photography centred more around the message than just stellar pictures.

Crafting stories with editorial photography

Editorial photos portray a story or support the narrative in the text. They are commonly found in magazines, newspapers, editorial features, and journalism. They are often used as illustrations within an article in print and online publications.

Editorial photos provide the reader with a clear visual reference to the story. The images create a specific mood or tone for the piece. Their motive isn’t to sell but rather to express and engage the readers.

Editorial photography has the power to bring the story of the subject to the forefront. This is a major reason that it is used in numerous industries including food, portraits, clothes, fashion, hotels and exhibitions. No industry is untouched by its charm. Businesses, brands and even individuals require crisp editorial photos to narrate beautifully crafted stories. Editorial photos are even being used in portrait photography.

Clarity is imperative for editorial photography as the shoot highly depends on the creative vision. Detailed planning and careful execution are required to ensure that the correct message and story are portrayed through the pictures.

Hitesh Malpani is a renowned editorial photographer and filmmaker in India. He has worked on editorials commissioned by magazines for several high-end brands. He enjoys the artistic and creative freedom that editorial photography entails.

He fulfils the creative brief provided by the client to create images that speak. Hitesh strives to create unique story concepts that the audience connect to. He believes in spending time to understand the vision. To capture stories in every frame, he outlines the story, the subject and the mood.

Sep 24, 2022


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