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Capturing love with creative pre-wedding photography

The concepts for pre-wedding photography and filmmaking have evolved over the last decade. It isn’t just a photoshoot on a set pattern anymore. The process has become highly creative and engaging.

Capturing love with creative pre-wedding photography

Weddings are fun and why shouldn’t they be? They celebrate love and warmth. Weddings look forward to a lifetime of togetherness. While everyone enjoys attending a wedding, does anyone know what bothers the bride and the groom? They’re usually tensed and jittery in the days leading to their big day. They need to relax.

A pre wedding shoot is a perfect chance for the couple time to relax before the wedding ceremonies begin. The concept of pre-wedding photography has gained immense popularity in modern times. Such shoots allow the couple to get comfortable, know each other and spend some moments together. The couple also find a chance to build a rapport with their photographer.

Pre-wedding photography and filmmaking aim to capture romantic moments that the couple would cherish forever. Photographs have an innate power to capture the essence of a fleeting moment. Truly, photography is the beauty of life captured. The shoots are more candid and relate deeply to the equation between the couple. Very often, soon-to-be-weds rely on pre-wedding photographers and filmmakers to plan a concept to represent the couple.

Hitesh Malpani, from HM Productions, is a candid wedding photographer and filmmaker in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. He is a pre wedding photographer in Jaipur renowned for unique and creative concepts.

Working closely with the couple, he identifies their story and strives to portray it in his photographs. He has worked on various themes including royal, casual, beach and Bollywood. With clients from pan-India, he is celebrated as a professional pre wedding photographer in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Sep 10, 2022


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