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A captivating glance at fashion photography

Fashion photography is a unique combination of product, portrait and fine art photography. It uses multiple elements to create compelling stories.

A captivating glance at fashion photography

Every picture depicts a story and photography is the art of capturing the essence of a story. Summer outfits are composed around the elements of the sun or the poolside to evoke summer vibes. Heavy wedding attires may be shot at a place of grandeur to portray the royal and regal look. Different elements are carefully combined to create mesmerizing shots.

While it is generally assumed that fashion photography means pictures of clothing and accessories, its scope is way beyond it. A fashion photographer can create an emotional connect through images. Photography has the capability to change the narrative of the story. This field entails the creative use of lighting, angles, colors and composition.

The scope of fashion photography in India has risen as companies and brands are using it to depict certain emotions and connect with their audience. Creative images can easily establish a brand voice in the minds of the audience. It has the power to give any product a real appearance that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers. Brands rely on photography to narrate a story they believe in.

Hitesh Malpani is a renowned Fashion Photographer in Delhi, India and has worked with numerous brands. He has an innate ability to pay close attention to details and has a distinct approach to each project. He works closely with each client to transform their vision into aesthetic images.

Hitesh is known for his compositions and creative drive. He is changing the narrative of fashion photography in India with diverse fashion photo shoots. His portfolio of satisfied clients speaks volumes about his work and passion for photography.

Sep 3, 2022


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